With Gracie out of the toddler stage and more independent, the family spend most of it’s free time learning new skills.Screenshot-194Screenshot-208Kathy spend a lot of her time sculpting, no matter what the weather was like. One day one of her projects just vanished and in it’s place a clay gnome appeared. It didn’t like it’s location and straight away it poofed to another place on the lot. Screenshot-209 Screenshot-211 Screenshot-214Menolly dabbled a bit at inventing. It didn’t always turn out for the best. Despite the cold, she suddenly felt quite warm, even hot. She was on fire! Chad heard her screams and yells for help, and calmly walked towards her and put the fire out. This wouldn’t be the first time.Screenshot-228Ricky talked to Gracie while playing chess and reminded her how important school is.
Screenshot-242He reminded her every day to do her homework, and would help her out if she needed him.
Screenshot-227He also taught her how life is all about the people you love, and you should show them your love every day if you could.Screenshot-226Screenshot-251 Screenshot-293He did it himself as well. Every day Kathy and Ricky would spend some time together. They would dance, remember old times, talk about the things they had heard in town, and just be together.Screenshot-230Menolly had once again some problems during the inventing. This time she didn’t catch on fire, but she got a bit of an electrical shock.Screenshot-231Because of the cold, Kathy had brought her sculpting equipment inside. Every time she worked in stone, the stone had cracked and left her with just a small rock. She hoped it wouldn’t happen anymore if she worked inside, but the stone still cracked. So far, every time she had worked with stone it had split. The rocks she collected because of it were 3 pieces of Woohooium, 1 piece of Luminorious gem and some alabaster. It looked like stone was not her material.Screenshot-236 Screenshot-240Menolly once again caught fire whilst inventing. This time her mother came to the rescue. Inventing is not a safe skill to learn, even if you have read most of the books about it, actually making something is different from reading about it. Screenshot-246 Screenshot-248 Screenshot-250Maybe she wouldn’t catch fire anymore if she was an actual adult? You can always hope and wish. There was no big party for her birthday, the only one with her was her husband.Screenshot-252 Screenshot-254 Screenshot-255 Screenshot-256 Screenshot-261And once again there was a burglar. This time he stole both bathtubs and Gracie’s dollhouse. That burglar must have a big family in need of many bathrooms, so far there have been 4 bathtubs stolen from the Story family. Most of the adults were woken up by all the stomping around, but not one of the did anything about the stealing.Screenshot-264Screenshot-263
Shortly after this burglary Gracie brought a classmate home. During homework the classmate complained about school and how boring it all was. Gracie told her about the burglary and how you would become a thief if you didn’t go to school. You need school to get a nice job, and to have some income you need a job, or you have to steal. Her friend was still doubting it a bit, but still finished her homework without any more complaints.honourRollThanks to her grandpa’s help, Gracie was on the honour roll when she was still in elementary school.Screenshot-266 Screenshot-268Menolly once again caught fire. This time it was Ricky who saved her. Screenshot-273Maybe making potions was safer, less chance of getting on fire, small chance of getting singed. Screenshot-275 Screenshot-277 Screenshot-278She did indeed not catch fire, she froze solid. Kathy had to defrost her. Being outside in just a lab coat is not the smartest thing to do in the middle of the winter. Menolly is very lucky to have her family rescue her every time.Screenshot-279 Screenshot-280Menolly was scared about her daughter’s antics. One day she might freeze to death, or catch fire once more, and no one would be home to safe her. The grim reaper would then come and collect her. She mused over this while she was making a snowman.Screenshot-285 Screenshot-289Soon after Menolly’s freezing episode, it was time for Chad’s birthday. Except for a few wrinkles, he looked the same as he had always done. Kathy wondered why she was there, cheering him on instead of sleeping.Screenshot-294Kathy decided to go back to inventing again. Being on fire is bad, but freezing your behind off in this weather is worse. Screenshot-282She still remembered how long it had taken her to stop shaking and have a normal skin colour again. Being blue doesn’t look too good on you. Screenshot-295 Screenshot-296 Screenshot-297 Screenshot-298Menolly wouldn’t be able to rescue her daughter any more. Death had come for her. Screenshot-300 Screenshot-301Chad was delighted at the pain of his father in law. He couldn’t help it, he had been very fond of Kathy, but the evil part in him took over. Screenshot-305When he saw how hard his gloating was on his daughter, he realised he was being evil and stopped. He knew he would miss Kathy, just like the rest of the family would. Screenshot-310To make up for his misbehaviour, Chad started to sculpt himself. He actually liked it. And it was a lot more comfortable during the winter than the fishing he would otherwise do. Screenshot-311 Screenshot-313 Screenshot-316Ricky missed the love of his life so much, he couldn’t live without her. Less than one day after the demise of Kathy, Death came to collect Ricky as well.Screenshot-317 Screenshot-319 Screenshot-322Death did have a somewhat harder time in collecting Ricky’s soul than he had when he came for Kathy. Somehow he could not walk through the walls here, he had to use the door like a normal human being!Screenshot-324 Screenshot-325Ricky tried to plead with the Reaper, but to no avail. His time on this planet was over. Screenshot-331Afterwards, Death spent some time around the house, reading a book he had found in the garden. Screenshot-334Gracie missed her grandfather, no one reminded her to make her homework, no one offered to help her. It was not the same. But still she made it, she would make her grandfather proud.Screenshot-337 Screenshot-338 Screenshot-340The same day her grandfather had died, Gracie had her birthday and became a teen. She rolled inappropriate.Screenshot-344The university mascot had heard of her birthday and decided to pay a visit. He left yet another kit with info on how to enrol and some small stuff. He didn’t see the old, unused one right next to the one he brought.