Last time Menolly and Chad met, got married and had their baby, Chad joined the angler career, and Ricky and Kathy became elders.

Screenshot-166 Screenshot-167 Screenshot-168 Screenshot-169Now was the time for Gracie to become a toddler.Screenshot-171Ricky loved to be around her, play with her (something her parents sometimes found it a bit scary looking, their daughter so high in the air), and help teach her her basic skills in life.Screenshot-182 Screenshot-186He decided now was the time to retire. He was feeling his age, and he wanted to spent more time with his family.Screenshot-174 Screenshot-195

Gracie’s time as a toddler was mostly good things, like spending time with your family who try to teach you how to walk and talk only to complain later about the noise you make and the places you are, but also some bad stuff.Screenshot-176One night, Ricky woke up because he heard a noise somewhere that didn’t belong. He was right.Screenshot-175 Screenshot-177 Screenshot-180This time, the burglar stole a painting in Ricky and Kathy’s bedroom with Ricky just standing around not doing anything about it, and yet another bathtub, the replacement from the last time a burglar stole their bathtub.Screenshot-189 Screenshot-191 Screenshot-192This time was apparently also a confusing one for the people around town. Even though it was nowhere near autumn there were trick or treaters and one of Menolly’s co-workers had no clue at all about childcare. She came to work carrying her baby in one hand, only holding on to it by the cloth it was wrapped in. Someone saw it and sent her home immediately.Screenshot-199 Screenshot-200All of this didn’t stop Gracie from having had a great time as a toddler where she learned all her basic skills. Now was the time for her to become a bit older.Screenshot-201 Screenshot-202Despite some growing pains, she was happy she was no longer a toddler. She could move around more freely, more activities to do and more of the world to explore. The one thing she didn’t like about it was having to go outside to go to the bathroom. How much better would the world be if there was indoor plumbing? She was becoming a bit of a snob.Screenshot-204Screenshot-203Something she was happy about was the fact that her best friend had grown up with her. Buddy was still with her.