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One day in the spring while she was in a park, Menolly started talking to Chad. He was very kind and made her laugh.
She liked him and started to flirt, which he liked.Screenshot-120 Screenshot-124 Screenshot-128 Screenshot-131One thing led to another, and Menolly married Chad right there and then in the park.

They got several presents for their wedding.


Apparently Leesha was so happy about her granddaughter’s wedding, she sent a gift from the afterlife.

Chad likes the colour green, his favourite food is Dim Sum and he listens to R&B. He wants to be a master thief and is flirty, family-oriented, an evil kleptomaniac who is friendly as well.

Screenshot-132When they came home, they immediately started on making the next generation of the family. Screenshot-135Chad heard the other members of the family talk about fishing and how much they liked the tranquility of it so often, he decided to try it for himself.
He had to admit, it was a nice activity, and the fish could be sold as well.Screenshot-136The thought of making money by doing something as relaxing as fishing was appealing to him. He decided to become an official fisher, and signed the forms at the town hall. Now he could make money by selling the fish he caught, and get some bonuses as well when he sold enough of them. He liked this so much, he decided he no longer wanted to become a master thief, even though he would continue to steal whenever he had the opportunity, but to have a perfect aquarium instead.Screenshot-140 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-144Sometime after the wedding and Chad’s change in lifetime wish, Kathy became an elder.
Once again, it was a birthday where the one ageing up was laughed at by a family member. Kathy didn’t mind too much, soon Ricky would be joining her in the joys of being an elder.Screenshot-148One of the good things about being an elder, no one dares to tell you not to jump in puddles when it has rained. She loved doing this when she was younger, and finally dared to do this now.Screenshot-151 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-155 Screenshot-157 Screenshot-159It looks like Chad and Menolly’s attempt at conceiving the next generation has worked. Menolly gave birth to a wonderful baby named Gracie. She is named after the main character’s sister in The young and prodigious T.S. Spivet.
Gracie rolled hates the outdoors and good. She likes Chinese music, potato and truffle torte, and the colour pink.Screenshot-161 Screenshot-162 Screenshot-163Right after the birth of his granddaughter, Ricky became an elder. Kathy was happy her partner had joined her in the old people club. Menolly had to get used to a grey looking parent who was not as fast as he used to be.
Ricky decided to retire from his job, being an astronaut was an amazing job, but the long working hours, the stress and the physical activities were becoming a bit much, he would rather spend his days at home, teaching Gracie the important stuff in life like how to hide your veggies so you can get dessert, and doing the things he loved.