Welcome back to another part of the story. After loading my old safe file, the game started having a lot of trouble and began crashing soon after loading the family. I decided it was time to move them to another neighbourhood to see if this would stop the crashes.

Everyone in the family tried to deal with Wei’s death in their own way.

Screenshot-3Menolly painted as much as she could and tried to think of happy memories.

Screenshot-4Ricky tried to forget the pain by working out till his body collapsed, and Leesha spend a lot of her time with her granddaughter, talking with her, teaching her how to walk, making her laugh. Screenshot-5All of them had a hard time adjusting to life without their partner or parent, which is why they made the decision to move to another town, where they could start again without all the places which made them cry because it reminded them of Wei. They decided to go to Isla Paradiso, a small town surrounded by sea.

Screenshot-6Their new home looked a lot like their old one, but they did like it a lot. Having some remembrance of their old life was nice.Screenshot-10 Screenshot-14Mateo felt Leesha was missing her partner, and spend most of his time near her. Sleeping on her bed, playing with her and just being near her when she was spending time with Kathy. It did make Leesha feel a lot better, the pain would be less with him near her.

Screenshot-16Getting to know all her new workmates at this age was a bit too much for Leesha, she decided to quit her job. After telling her boss she wouldn’t come in for work anymore, Leesha felt a whole lot better. She looked forward to all the things she could do with all this extra free time.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22The first thing she looked forward to was her granddaughters birthday. Ricky thought the sparkles were hilarious, he spend most of the time laughing at how Menolly looked. Maybe his laughing caused Menolly to become a perfectionist, if she was perfect, he might not laugh at her like that again.

Screenshot-23Another way to prevent his laughter was hiding from him as far away as possible. She loved the solitude she found when fishing.

Screenshot-27Menolly’s birthday was not the only one to happen. And not the only birthday with Ricky’s laughter. Kathy became a real adult.Screenshot-30Kathy now spends most of her time in the park, playing her guitar to entertain other people. The child next to her might be the reason she got so many tips though. She got over a 1000 Simoleons by just playing in the park.

Nothing big happened during those days. Everyone spend their days the way they liked it best, working, playing, going to school and painting. A nice calm after everything they had been through.

Screenshot-34 Menolly’s next birthday was one without her father laughing at him. She hid in her bedroom where the others didn’t come. He did manage to do something she really liked for her birthday.handinessRickySomeone at work was very impressed with Ricky’s handiness skills. He offered to make sure Menolly would get a ride to school each day. Their house was outside the normal bus route, but he would be able to take care of that. And maybe Ricky would like to ride with him to work every time as well? Screenshot-38Menolly liked not to have to go to school by bike every day. Especially those days when it would rain all day long were now not as bad as they once were any more.

Screenshot-49School did have some nice activities sometimes. There was a prom she went to, but the driver who picked her up did have some trouble with the bad weather. They did make it safely to school where she had a blast and was voted Prom Queen.Screenshot-53 Screenshot-56Soon after the prom, someone decided to pay their home a visit during the night. He stole a bathtub and the chemistry set. Ricky was woken up by the noises the burglar made, but was too afraid to actually do something or wake the other family members. The burglar got away with his new possessions without a hitch. The family felt insecure after that, but didn’t know what to do about it besides replacing the missing items. Screenshot-45 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51Kathy felt Death coming closer each and every moment. She spend most of her time with her family members, and when they were away making snowman. Quite a few of her snowman were a bit depressing, being all in black with a scythe. Screenshot-59 Screenshot-62 Screenshot-64She had been right unfortunately. Death came to take her away one night.

What made Leesha’s death even harder was what happened the next day:Screenshot-67 Screenshot-68 Screenshot-72Death had now come for their beloved Mateo. Kathy was devastated. First her mother, and the next day her dog. Why did they have to go so soon?
They did both have a long life, Mateo was 45 and had full hunting skills. Leesha died at the age of 102 and had maxed painting, logic and cooking.Screenshot-76 Screenshot-78Life did have some nice things to offer as well. Menolly met an alien, even if he had to leave immediately after contact, and she spend a lot of her time fishing and gazing at the lovely hidden places she found in and around town.

RickyWorkLvl10Ricky became an astronaut and fulfilled his lifetime wish by doing so.lifetimeKathyKathy also fulfilled her lifetime wish when she maxed out both painting and guitar. She now was a master of the arts.Screenshot-80 Screenshot-81 Screenshot-82Menolly tried to hide during her next birthday, when she would become a young adult, but it didn’t help. Her father found out about it and came to laugh at her yet again. Maybe some day he would not laugh at birthdays, but not this time.

Screenshot-84 Screenshot-87He was nice during her graduation. He was proud of her, and didn’t make fun of her in front of her old classmates and friends.

GraduationMenollyHer classmates had probably guessed correctly when voting. Menolly knew she would never be allowed to live alone without her parents. She had no idea how her classmates had figured that out, because she never told them about her family.

Screenshot-89Immediately after graduation Menolly went to the science facility in hopes of getting a job there. Becoming a scientist had been her dream since she was a small child. They accepted her. The next day would be her first working day ever. She looked forward to it. Her first day of her adult life, and she had graduated with honours and gotten the job she wanted for years all in the same day.



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