Menolly had been a quiet baby who never woke up her parents. They hoped she would still sleep through the night when she became a toddler.

Even if Menolly woke up in the middle of the night, her parents didn’t have to get up. Wei adored his granddaughter and would take her out of her crib and make her smile.

After a lot of hard work, Kathy finally mastered all the painting techniques there are. When she finally did master them all, she had a great idea. All this wood and stone in a house is not very comfortable. Having something softer, like fabric, and some colors on the walls and floors would make a home feel so much more like a true home.

She started experimenting with all kinds of materials. Glass, stone, paper, plastic and fabrics of all kinds. After several mistakes she had found some materials that worked. The house now looked a lot warmer, colorful and friendly.

In this colorful house, Leesha aged up. Now both Wei and Leesha were elders.

There was not a long time to enjoy being elders together. Soon after Leesha’s birthday, Wei went to the stores to find some nice books for Leesha. He never got to buy any for her. The Grim Reaper had come for him.

A/N. This is the end and the beginning in another sense as well. The last update I wrote was this one, even though I hadn’t published it for over two years. I had played the family after this, but during one of my moves, I lost all the paperwork about them and eventually stopped playing them as well for the better part of the two years. I recently found the save files again, and thanks to my many save files, I could start again just minutes after Wei’s unfortunate death.

I hope I’ll be able to continue this family until the end, and make the posts about them happen more frequent than they have been lately.