In the last update joined Mateo the Story family.

Now it is time for this little puppy to grow up.

And growing up he did, he is no longer a cute little dog, although he is still a cute dog. Kathy immediately gives him a hug to show him she still loves him now that he is now longer a puppy.

This dog who was once so small you could barely find him when he was sleeping at the foot end of Kathy’s bed is now so big he barely fits on the largest pet bed the family could find.

The rest of the family continued their life as normal, and Kathy started to learn how to play guitar. She still loved to paint, but wanted to do something else every once in a while as well.

All too soon it was yet again time for Kathy, and Riley, to grow up.

Wei had a birthday present for Kathy, it was something he found while working on the chemistry table. He told her that is was something called Imaginary Friend Metamorphium according to a book he had read, but the book hadn’t said what it was for. Maybe Kathy could find out what this potion would do?

Kathy does have an idea of what this potion might do. Turn Imaginary Friends into real persons, and she had an imaginary friend ever since she was a toddler. She could try and make Riley into a real person!

After a lot of twirls, sparkles and other special effects, Riley turned into a real person.
Riley loves Latin music, hotdogs and the color white. She is a friendly, easily impressed hydrophobic who loves to party and work on a computer. Her wish is to become a Rock Star. She nows she will never be able to accomplish this wish if she stays with Kathy. To become a famous Rock star you have to get out and travel across the country.

After a quick makeover and a heartfelt farewell, Riley moves out and tries her luck in the show business.

After all this it is already time for the graduation of Kathy. She quickly puts on her robes and hat, and the family heads over to the Towns hall where the graduation takes place.
Kathy was named the Class Valedictorian. Her parents couldn’t have been any prouder.

Leesha had also done something she was very proud of. All her hard work had finally paid of. She was a Celebrated Five-Star Chef. As a reward, her boss had given her one of the old refrigerators from work. They had just renovated the bistro, and he thought mayby Leesha could find some use for it.

After all these great accomplishments, Kathy was invited to Ricky’s birthday at his home. He was just a bit younger than Kathy was, and would soon leave his teenage years behind.

Kathy gave him a big hug, and hoped Ricky would like the present she had for him.
They had been going steady for quite a while now, and Kathy wanted something more. She hoped Ricky would think the same.

It looked like he did! He accepted her proposal.

After a quick change of clothes, Ricky and Kathy headed over to her home.  They knew they wanted to be together until the end, and didn’t want to wait for a big wedding party, so they said their vows in Kathy’s home.

Soon after their marriage, Kathy felt sick. Could it be that she was pregnant?

Indeed she was pregnant. Both Kathy and Ricky are hoping they will have a girl.

They were thrilled when the baby was indeed a girl.
This tiny little girl got the name Menolly. She is one of the main characters in the Pern books. Menolly is artistic and prefers to be alone. She loves Chinese music, Dim sum and the color green.