Last time we had four birthdays. Leesh became an adult, Wei an elder and  Kathy and Riley became teens.

They all had their birthday on saturday evening. This meant Kathy had all of sunday to sign up for the art club at her school and visit the library.

Her parent had told her they wanted her to have at least level 5 in cooking and gardening. Her mother thought being able to cook is important (because of her job), and her father would be happy with all the help he could get in their garden. Taking care of all the plants took him most of the day. And the easiest place where she could learn those skills was at the local library.

It looked like not everyone was putting the books back where they belonged. In the bookcase reserved for skill books she also found a normal reading book.

One of the other visitors at the library was this child. His choice of clothing is not exactly normal. (And I don’t know if this is a boy or a girl, not even the name could help me. It really could be anything)

Back at home Riley wanted to tell Kathy how he really hoped she would never try and put him in a bath to clean him. It would take to long to get dry and that would make him feel uncomfortable.

Her parents however couldn’t wait to get into the bath and get clean. They both had an accident. Wei was once again experimenting at the chemistry table when it blew up in his face, and Leesha had an accident at work. She wanted to get something out of the oven, turned around with the oven still open and it caught fire. The fire was then put out by a coworker by using water that smelled of garlic. Both Leesha and Wei weren’t feeling to comfortable at the moment. Although the garlic smell made Wei feel like having some garlic bread.
All these problems were soon forgotten and life continued as usual.
Soon after all this,there would be a prom at Kathy’s school, and Kathy had permission from her parents to go. She was  a bit bummed about the fact that there was no boy she new good enough to ask out to prom. But who knows what may happen at the prom itself?
Kathy was really happy about the dress she had gotten, and the matching shoes.

Kathy had a great time at the prom. There was a lot going on around her. She got into a fight, had her pictures taken, enjoyed the dancing and got a boyfriend. Not a bad score for just a few hours of her time.

Because Kathy had learned enough about cooking and gardening her parents wanted to give her her own dog because they knew how much she loved all dogs. Her father looked in the paper to see if there were any puppies placed for adoption. He found one that sounded like the perfect dog.

Later that evening, before Kathy had come home from school, their new dog arrived. This friendly little pup was named Mateo.
When Kathy went to her room she found him there. She was thrilled to get her own dog.

While Mateo was playing with his toys, Kathy continued her painting, something she loved to do.

But it was clear to everyone that she was slightly distracted by all the noise Mateo made.

Even her best friend, Riley told her it was obvious her paintings weren’t as good as they used to be. Hopefully they would get better again after Mateo got a little quieter.

Mateo becoming calmer would probably take a while. He would attack the chess table just out of the blue, bark at Wei and Kathy and run wildly around chasing his own tail. It was clear that he was really still a pup.