In the last chapter Kathy and her Imaginary Friend Riley both grew up. They can’t wait to find out more about each other and spend more time together. Kathy will have a play mate with her all the time.

There are some things that have to be done first , like explaining to Riley how they can’t have computers, tv or other electrical equipment. You must always tell someone what they can’t have, especially if they have never even heard of it before because it doesn’t exist yet.

And of course, when you want to get to know someone better, you also have to think about yourself most of the time. It’s important to never forget that.

Now that Kathy is no longer a toddler, her room is in need of a makeover. She now has a real bed, new toys, an easel, a desk for her homework (which will most likely never be used for this purpose) and a toy oven. You can never start early enough with burning all of your cooking.
As you can see, Riley is pretty happy for Kathy to have this lovely new room.

The thing Kathy loves mostly about her new room is the easel. She is interested in all things artistic, and she can’t wait to try and paint her first painting. And it turns out to looks amazing. A lot better than her mothers first painting (and a lot better than I would ever be able to do. Even when all you have to do is color in the numbers…)

Because Kathy grew up on a saturday, she has all of sunday for herself. First she signs up for an after school class, scouting. Her parents thought it would be wise for her to have an early start on her gardening and fishing skills because at the moment these are the only ways they can get their food. And having an extra person to help with this would be welcome.
After this she spends most of her time either painting or playing with Riley.

Her mother is still thinking about becoming a five-star chef sometime. Even most of her paintings are about food.

After Kathy’s first day of school her father offers to help her with her homework. Kathy is very happy with this, because she has a hard time doing this on her own. She really doesn’t like having to do more schoolwork when school is supposed to be over.

When Wei isn’t helping his daughter with her homework or gardening he can often be found trying to unclog the loo. Most of his handiness skill comes from fixing the loo or their tub.

And if he has to do this in the middle of the night, he can listen to the music from the ice cream truck at the same time. This truck comes to their home at midnight on most nights. I don’t think I have seen it at their place during the day even once. Strange way of trying to sell your ice cream. And it never has the lights on.

The rest of his time Wei spends on finding all of the potions on the chemistry table. This means he can often be found with soot on his face, shredded clothes and his hair sticking out in all directions. He really is not good at this chemistry at all.

Kathy doesn’t like having to eat produce all the time, so she starts using her toy oven a lot. Her parents are happy about this, because she also makes muffins and other goodies for them. It makes a nice change from all those apples and other fruits they have been eating so far.

One day after school Kathy wants to go home with a boy she met in class, Marcos Knack. It looks like his family is not very popular, their trashcan has been pushed over. Could it be that people are jealous of their wealth? They are a rich family after all.

Even though they are in the same class at school and they went to his home together, Kathy must still introduce herself to Marcos.

The day after Kathy went to visit Marcos is her last day of elementary school, and a great one as well. Kathy got on the Honor roll. Doesn’t she look thrilled?

Later that evening it is time for her father to say goodbye to adulthood.

After some sparkles and some twirling he becomes an elder.

And he gives the usual cross-eyed look.

For his birthday he gets a new look. All those knitted vests make him look old. And he doesn’t feel like that at all.

Luckily his wife still finds him as attractive as an elder as he was as an adult.

Soon after her father’s birthday it is also time for Kathy’s birthday.

And she turns out to be unusual looking.

Everyone is happy for her when this strangeness only lasts a few seconds and they can finally see how she really turned out. A lot more normal, with her eyes looking at her nose the whole time. She rolled Dog person.

Now that Kathy has become a teenager, Riley will also grow up.

While Kathy is looking for some good outfits in the wardrobe, it is also time for her mother to become an adult (too many birthdays on one day, I had completely forgotten her). Leesha looks just the same as an adult as she did as a young adult.

While her mother was having her birthday, Kathy had finally found an outfit she liked. She was ready to face the world.