In the last chapter we saw Kathy being born. Wei is a great dad. He dotes on his daughter. If he could he would have more children. He is a bit sad this won’t ever happen, but instead of this letting him down, he pours all of his love to his daughter.

Almost all of the photo’s taken during her baby time were sadly lost. This is the only one that survived before Kathy hit toddlerhood. So toddler spam ahead.

After Kathy has grown up, her parents immediately start teaching her all the things that are important to a child. Like how you can’t have anything like tv because that hasn’t been invented yet, just like the electricity you would need for that.

And of course the all important “How to go potty” with the faces that you must make while going.

But her parents can’t always be busy with her, when they are sleeping, working or just doing other stuff, Kathy has to find ways to do something on her own, like reading

or playing with her favorite toy, Riley. Playing with Riley is what she enjoys most.

Her parents keep themselves busy with gardening.

And Leesha is finding out just how hard it is to play chess against yourself.

Luckily  there is something she is good at. She can help her daughter just fine with the peg box.

But after all those days of, first because she just got married, and later because of maternity leave, Leesha heads back to work for her second day ever. She really hopes her dreams of becoming a five-star chef will someday come true.

And later that evening the first step in that direction becomes reality. She gets her first promotion. Even the girl who stood outside of the bistro heard about it and wanted to congratulate Leesha. Even after Leesha had long gone home, the girl stood there clapping and just being enthusiastic about Leesha’s promotion.

Now that Kathy has learned all of her toddler skills from her parents, Leesha takes some time to learn how to paint.

She can’t believe how good her first painting looks. It took only a lot of hours to complete this outline of a heart and add some extra stripes and dots to it (or are those just some mistakes she made?)

Finally it is time for Kathy’s birthday. She is feeling a bit shy and doesn’t know what to do, so dad helps her by showing what to do. Now she can do it herself, and she blows all the candles out.

Dad puts her down on the floor and gives her one last kiss before she grows up.

And with a lot of sparkles, and some twirling we get…

A girl who looks at her nose the whole time. I think most of the pictures of her are with her looking at her nose.

After a quick makeover she looks a lot better. She now thinks that caring for the planet is important. Kathy rolled Eco-friendly for her birthday.

But it looks like it is not just her birthday today. The doll she got from some far away relatives when she was just a baby seems to be more than just a doll. Now that Riley is just as big as she is, Kathy can’t wait to go and go on some adventures with Riley.