After a good night sleep in her new house Leesha headed over to the bistro for her first day of work.

Being alone in a new town is never a nice thing. But when she walked out of the bistro after her first day of work she saw someone she just had to meet. After some talking to him she found out he is single! Could it be that he was destined to be with her?

She started making funny faces at him, and he returned them. He didn’t think she was acting strange at all.

After some more jokes, funny faces and generally getting to know each other, Leesha wanted to find out if Wei could really become the one for her. She hoped he wouldn’t reject her attempt to kiss him, and he didn’t.

When he actually returned the kiss she found enough courage to propose to him. She didn’t want to run the risk that someone else would ask him if she let him go home tonight.

And he accepted. His reaction to the ring was a bit like that of so many girls you see in the movies. All that jumping around, looking at the ring with your hand far in front of you and all those funny strangled screams. But he did accept it, and that was the important part. It also meant she wouldn’t be alone anymore. Now her home would become their home.

Wei brought about 3000 in in cash, a car (sold immediately because neither one of them could drive), a laptop and some books. He is a neurotic ambitious workaholic, genius computer whizz. He likes classical music, sushi and the color red. He is working in the business career, but will have to quit that job to become a gardener.

Back at home they immediately wanted to try and make their family bigger. After the first try they thought they heard a lullaby, but they might have just imagined that.

Living together in a one room home was getting a bit cramped, so they added a new room to the house, their own bedroom. After that life started to get back to normal. Both of them got working on what they needed to do to provide for the family. Wei began learning how to garden by harvesting some fruits, and Leesha continued learning more about cooking.

Whilst in the library, Leesha suddenly felt something moving. She was pregnant. Their family of two would soon become bigger.

Even though Leesha is now pregnant, life must go on.  Wei is now tending to the garden and making sure it gets big enough to support the whole family.

And Leesha is trying to max her cooking skill. She is almost there. Just a few pages more.

But just before she has finished the book, her child wants to come out into the world. All the other visitors start to freak out.

Leesha doesn’t let this scare her. She hops onto her bike and rides home.

At home she continues giving birth with the help of her husband, who after a couple of minutes decides to take a bath.

Leesha gives birth to a lovely baby girl named Kathy. Kathy is named after Kathy Mallory, the main character in the books by Carol O’Connell.

Kathy is a clumsy artistic Scorpio who loves rockabilly, crepes and the color red.