This is my first attempt ever to record a legacy. Any comments on how to make this story better are welcome.

Now lets start with the story.

Welcome to the story of the Story family. All of the names will be gotten from books I’m reading at the moment of birth of the child, or that are laying near my computer.

Meet Leesha Story. She is a bookworm who has a good sense of humor, loves the outdoors, gardening and cooking. She wants to be a celebrated five-star chef. Her favorite food is autumn salad, this is even better when she can eat it while listening to classical music in a red room. She has just moved to Twinbrook to start for herself.

She was lucky to find a house she could afford. It was small one-room house. There wasn’t even a bathroom. Everyone would be able to see her go to the toilet, or take a bath. But it was this or live on the street, so it would have to do. The house had only the essentials, a pond, a garden she could use to grow her own produce and a bike. She never managed to get her drivers licence, so cars were of limit to her.

But first things first, she wouldn’t be able to live here for much longer if she didn’t have a job. Seeing she had always wanted to be a chef, she went to the local bistro hoping they would have a job for her, no matter how lowly. And it worked. She could start working tomorrow, but they would like her to become better at cooking.

It’s a good thing the local library is free for everyone and that they have all the skill books you could want.

You get hungry from all that learning and she doesn’t have a fridge. Luckily there is a community garden in this town. Now at least she can get something to eat.

But all that gardening in the hot sun makes you feel like you’re covered in dirt. So a hot bath is a great way to end a first day in town.